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About julian moniz the best wedding photographer in toronto


Toronto & Destination Wedding Photographer


Do you know that moment in life when you find something that seems like it was absolutely made for you. A perfect fit? Well that's what photography is to me. It's my world. There is nothing else I could ever imagine myself doing. Photography has changed my life, it has made me the person that I am. Nothing is more incredible to me than stories and the best kind of stories are love stories.I am a hopeless romantic, call me corny but I believe in movie love. A love so strong it would stand the test of time. A love so passionate you can only dream of... This is what your wedding is to me. A love story that's about more than just the details. It's about your past, your present and what's in store for your future. This is a celebration that marks the beginning of the rest of your lives together and celebrates everything you have been through. A story of love, laughter, joy and commitment. A story of boy meets girl. I love love and everything about it. Making love stories come to life is my ultimate passion. Life is short and we have to live everyday to its fullest, and finding true love is one of the most incredible treasures life has to offer. I'm blessed and excited that I get to be witness to your love story.